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Coaching has several methods that help to lead the Client to ask the question "Where am I really?".

Sometimes it is important to use a science-based tool and then go over the written results. This can be achieved using the Feedforward 360° method. The Feedforward 360° method includes an assessment of the Client's strengths and weaknesses a) by themselves and b) by their environment, i.e., their superiors, peers, subordinates, clients, suppliers, etc. In this regard, it is important to be able to recognize to what extent the former differs from the latter. In the 360° Feedforward method, Client behaviour is observed from different perspectives and is then evaluated. Since the author of the feedback from the different perspectives (superiors, peers, subordinates, clients, suppliers) observes the coachee in different situations and contexts, he can provide specific impressions on behaviour and skills so as to draw a comprehensive picture. This is then compared to the Client's self-assessment. In Coaching, this process is called "feedforward" because we use this analysis to obtain points of departure and subsequently generate measures to promote development and changes of attitude. We look forward, not backward! I have been duly trained and certified to apply this method. A combination with other methods, such as [selfurl=?id=51-1]PAPI™[/selfurl], can prove to be useful when the aim is to explore and acknowledge one's strengths and weaknesses even more deeply with a view to ultimately improving them.

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