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A Company hires my services for a specific need:

In this case, the Client is usually the Owner, the CEO, the Head of Department, the Personnel Manager or the Department of Human Resources/Personnel Development. Often, the [selfurl=?id=21-1]Owner or CEO[/selfurl] want the coaching process for their own objectives: the Coach as a source of qualified feedback, as a sparring partner to provide food for thought and to continue to develop their own ideas and the way they do things. If it is [selfurl=?id=21-1]Coaching for employees[/selfurl], requested by the company, a three-way contract is entered into between the Company, the Worker and the Coach. The goal of the coaching will be agreed to by the three parties. In order to evaluate the success of the coaching process, measurable factors will be defined by mutual agreement, and will be checked once the coaching process has concluded. If it is [selfurl=?id=21-1]Coaching outside the company[/selfurl], an agreement will be reached directly between the Private Client and the Coach. The list of topics is open, and the Client chooses them freely. Normally, these cases are also about professional [selfurl=?id=13-1]goals[/selfurl], decision-making, doubts as to their future. Often it is simply a matter of putting one's mind and emotions in order to see things more clearly. In any event, [selfurl=?id=59-1]content confidentiality is totally guaranteed[/selfurl].

[selfurl=?id=65-1]HOW DO WE REACH A COLLABORATION AGREEMENT?[/selfurl]

The basis for Coaching is trust in the Coach as a person and as an expert. The first step consists of a complimentary conversation, with no commitment whatsoever, so we can get to know each other and you can state your needs. Please feel free to call or [selfurl=?id=65-1]email me[/selfurl] to make an appointment. If there is good chemistry between us, and we agree that you could benefit from Coaching, over the next three or four days I will draw up an offer detailing the scope, duration, costs and conditions. If you accept this offer we sign a contract. At the beginning of each coaching process, the Coach and Coachee and, in the case of in-company coaching, the Client, define success indicators which can be used to measure progress, and a series of landmarks and follow-up parameters are established.

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