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Placing work orders.

A work order is regarded as placed when 1) there is a verbal agreement in accordance with existing commercial law 2) the work order has been confirmed by correspondence or 3) a counselling agreement has been signed or 4) the registration form has been submitted. Similarly, a work order will be regarded as placed when no written objection has been raised within 3 working days as of a) the acceptance of the activities already outlined, b) an invoice or proforma invoice or, c) in the case of training events, confirmation of participation.

Nature of the service/basis for calculation

The service is billed on a by-hour basis. Time taken is invoiced, unless a fixed time estimate, which should not be exceeded, has already been agreed to. The project's initial preparation time and follow-up will be billed in the same way as the time spent with the Client on the basis of the fees applicable at all times. Credits in cash for services already rendered or outstanding are voluntary and are regarded as a sign of good will.


There are different kinds of fees depending on the type, scope and costs of the service. You should check the details in the corresponding rates.

Forms of Payment

Unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing, the following payment methods are applicable: [list][*]Advance payment [*]In the case of orders involving large projects, payments on account will be made on the basis of the total cost of the commission and the length of the coaching period. [*]For individual services, there are also pre-defined advance payment possibilities, and special conditions can also be arranged. This is all explained in the corresponding service description or rates.[/list]

Working modalities and interruption

Work begins immediately on receipt of the corresponding payment. If there is a risk of overrunning the available budget, due, for example, to additional orders received in the course of the project, the Client will be promptly informed by the Coach/Consultant. The Coach is free to stop working if fees are not being paid. The Coach/Consultant cannot be held responsible for any inconveniences caused if the Client latter interrupts the service. Should the Client fail to make use of the services guaranteed or the service made available to it without this being agreed to mutually in advance, the compliance requirement will be waived, and the Coach/Consultant will only be obliged to render these services according to availability.

Changing dates

If no other agreement is reached: cancellations or date changes must be made at least 48 hours before the date agreed to. Failure by the Client to notify a cancellation will lead them to lose all entitlement to a refund or to a new date or appointment.

Completing an order/Dissolution of the collaboration

Counselling, just like Coaching, can only be successful if there is a relationship of trust between the Counsellor/Coach and Client/Coachee. If this relationship is altered for any reason, achievement of the goal may be jeopardised. Similarly, both parties are free to collaborate at any time at no cost and without deadlines. If a project order or an order for which an estimate has been issued and committed to is cancelled, or in the event of early termination by the Client for their own reasons, we will have to apply an immediate cancellation charge. This fee will depend on the original project volume (time/estimate). Unless the agreements reached provide otherwise, a) services already rendered at the rate established for the type of service and volume, as well as b) 75% of two payments on account or c) 20% of the remaining time originally budgeted will be calculated as cancellation fees. If the project has not already started, the cancellation fee will be 30% of the total estimate. If the work order is cancelled by the Coach/Consultant, the difference between the final bill and amounts already paid will naturally be refunded.

Payment deadlines and late payment

Unless otherwise agreed, payment (by bank transfer or in cash) falls due immediately, on the third business day after the invoice date at the latest. The granting of a period of grace of up to two working days is up to the Coach/Consultant, although there are no rights with regard to concessions made in the past. The relevant legal regulations will be applied in the event of delays.


Competent jurisdiction: Oldenburg (Oldb). Germany

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