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Coaching provides professional and methodical support for continuous reflection and learning. Coaching is about personal feedback, personalised counselling and practice-oriented (behavioural) training.

Clients can expect their Coach to be authentic and believable. He listens actively, impartially, neutrally and is never judgemental. He links his thoughts together like a chain, and he never loses sight of the goal. He can leverage all his methods flexibly. Coaching does not address hard skills, but rather the increasingly more cited and relevant SOFT SKILLS. In other words, we deal with how we treat ourselves and others. What we achieve, i.e. our results, both in the private and business setting, will depend on this. In this regard, utterly practical and pragmatic goals and desires are addressed. [b]Soft Skills are therefore often a meta-concept for self-skills and social skills.[/b] Below is a list - which is not intended to be exhaustive - of self-skills that can be addressed in Coaching: [list][*]Attitude [*]Self-knowledge [*]Self-assessment [*]Personal motivation [*]Flexibility [*]Initiative [*]Creativity [*]Innovation [*]Behaviour [*]Leadership [*]Intuition [*]Self-perception [*]Ability to express oneself [*]Self-awareness [*]Identity, role [*]Self-management [*]Discernment [*]Capacity for reflection [*]Extroversion, openness[/list] [b]Social skills[/b] represent, particularly in the company, an important asset when executives are aware of them and realise what skills need to be further developed in themselves or in their employees. Social skills are vital to [b]teamwork[/b], so important nowadays, as they represent the individual's ability and a personal attitude towards social interaction in terms of cooperation with others. Also in this sense the objectives and desired results are at stake. Team Coaching is therefore an increasingly stronger discipline in Coaching. Examples of social skills: [list][*]Communication [*]Cooperation [*]Understanding [*]Empathy [*]Integration capacity [*]Team work capacity [*]Motivation [*]Interpersonal skills [*]Conflict-solving ability [*]Critical capacity [*]Ability to express oneself [*]Self-image suited to the situation [*]Social responsibility [*]Ethics [*]Respect[/list]

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