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I am a Coach by conviction, I am passionate about what I do, and am interested – and with all due respect - in people and in their "creative urge" (Otto Rank).

[b]My goal:[/b] Coaching to promote the "person" success factor, both in the company and as a fundamental approach to things personal. Coaching as a tool for creating or increasing awareness and revealing a person's resources in an optimal way for their own and the organisation's benefit. Values and paradigms, attention, sustainability... Guidance to support self-help... Coaching as a path to growth, learning, development, improvement, i.e. towards change.

How did I reach Coaching or how did Coaching reach me?

People change, we evolve continuously over the years. For many years I had been busy building a career in the company while also taking care of my family and bringing up my children. Then I realised I was a Fifty-something, I had accomplished all my goals, so I said to myself: Is that it? Do I want to spend the rest of my life like this? The answer, which also came from my body, was a resounding "no". A Coaching process and two months of soul-searching in Majorca brought me to a new stage in my life: I embarked upon the "adventure" of studying as a psychological counsellor, specialising in Coaching. I also trained as Executive Coach at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, which according to the Financial Times is one of the world's eight top business schools.

Twenty years of professional experience in a multinational group had led me to my current convictions:

The human factor in companies is undervalued in the golden age of Shareholder Value, and this will unfortunately continue to be the case in the economy of the future. There are visible signs of this. Once organisation-driven cost-cutting programmes have fizzled out, only creative, constructive and positive teamwork-based employee collaboration will set a company apart from its competitors, and this also applies to results. The question at that time will be: Does the company have enough employees capable of acting in a creative, constructive and positive way and who have not already given up the ghost? What is the meaning of changes? Particularly of changes that are imposed on us? Change as an opportunity? How can we eventually embrace a positive attitude, rather than torment ourselves with symptoms of burn-out, as is often the case?

ind Solutions. Prepare the way. Provide accompaniment in change. This is where I see my task as a Coach for businesses and individuals.

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