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Sometimes we need some distance in order to see ourselves more closely.

Oldenburg (Germany), Barcelona and Majorca have been my home for many years. Oldenburg, in the north of Germany, with its unique quiet-city charm, Barcelona as a creative city and Majorca, as an island, all deliver the possibility of a certain distance. Moreover, you can enjoy their respective cultures and scenery, while at the same time this very distance helps you to actually feel closer to yourself, your goals and desires, as well as to any dreams you have put on hold. Distance will help you to become more aware and then go for change. I personally embarked upon this process years ago in Majorca.
Closeness to oneself and to one's environment, both professional and private:
  • What does it take to get where I want to be?
  • Is it the right path?
  • What dreams have I had to put on hold?
  • What is preventing me from attaining my goals?
  • Do I really know what my own goals are?
  • What resources should I activate and how in order to be successful?
Have you already planned your holidays for this year in Majorca? Would you like to get to know Barcelona (better)? Would you like to get to know the north of Germany? Perhaps it would be a good opportunity to use part of your time to do something meaningful for yourself. We all make an effort to stay physically in shape, but what we do for our emotional and mental state? Are you a group that shares a common goal that can be reasonably addressed through Coaching? My colleagues and I, in Majorca, Barcelona and Oldenburg will be delighted to help you. You can ask me without any commitment whatsoever! We will be delighted to develop a package tailored to your needs and preferences.

claudia casademunt
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Coaching Barcelona – Majorca – Oldenburg
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